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Specialist Power Engineering and Consulting:

From 150 KW UPS’s to any type of Power Conversion to Commercial Solar Installation (on and off grid) to Consulting advice on industrial electronics to improving your businesses energy efficiency profile – BGE can assist you. BGE was founded over by Colin Gammy, a veteran of the Australian electronics industry, over 15 years ago. From humble beginnings working from his garage, designing simple switch mode power supplies to Telecom Australia (as it was at the time), to 2013 when Colin’s team consists of 5 hardware engineers and 3 software developers, BGE has the experience to engineer your project from start to finish.

Our Skill Set Includes:                                                                BGE logo

  • Hardware design
  • Firmware design
  • Software design
  • Short run manufacturing (in house)

Active Projects:

18 September 2013

Power Conversion Module For Electric Cars – Availability Q2 2014

We are currently researching and prototyping a switch mode 1.4 Kilo watt compact battery charger to be used in conjunction with Victoria’s wind farms with the primary Power conversion - Wind Power To E.V.application being electric vehicle charging in remote areas of Victoria Background: Electric cars you have a wide choice of energy sources for the origin of their electricity. With oil, there is only petrochemical; with biofuel there are crops, crop waste and municipal waste. With hydrogen – well, you have electricity and you have petrochemicals, or maybe  photocatalysis. With electricity almost any source of energy can be converted into electricity with fair levels of efficiency – and some of the conversion efficiencies are very good indeed, especially where thermal systems are not involved. One of the prime sources of ‘fueling’  ’electric wheels’ efficiency is wind -> electricity -> batteries -> electricity -> motor -> wheels. Potential efficiencies of up toe 70% are feasible. The only things that get even close to these levels are hydro electricity and tidal power, in other words, prime sources that are mechanical and not thermal or radiant. Order of magnitude figures for sun to wheel efficiencies are about: Petrol: 0.0001% (and a ten million year delay) allowing for fossilisation. Biofuels: 1-2%. Solar photovoltaic comes in at around 10%. Scope: We have a time frame of 9 months to have a field workable prototype of a >1.2 Kwatt rapid lithium charging unit working with the Victorian wind generation units. Further information: ———————————————————————–

11 November 2013 – Compact Resistor Load Bank Units Manufactured For Australian Conditions

We have designed a new range of resistor load banks for Australian industrial applications required resistive loads with the following features and benefits:

  • 1 K watt to 40 K watt load dissipation
  • Resistance ranges from 1.5 ohms to 1200 ohms
  • Fan cooling option. We use high reliability Sunon axial cooling fans with thermostatically controlled switching to maintain the cabinet housing temperature to a maximum of 50 degress C ensuring the the units will perform with high reliability.
  • High reliability wire wound resistors used from a long standing Australian manufacturer of power resistors and wire wound resistors. We use the YM series power resistors in the resistor bank which have an individual power rating of 1000 watts. The construction of these resistors is very rugged and they employ a time tested silicon coating applied over the resistance winding to ensure the resistors have excellent moisture and humidity performance. The former is made from ceramic tubing which ensures excellent temperature performance and extremely low failure rate specifications.
  • IP 65 aluminuim fabricated  enclosure (available in 19 inch rack mounting as an option) ensuring excellent weather proofing and suitability for use in many insustries.
  • Locally designed and manufactured.

Target Industries These resistor banks lend themselves to applications requiring reliable operation and performance in wide temperature ranges. Target industries include:

  • Food and Beverage manufacturing
  • Mining Industry
  • Light Rail
  • Bus and Heavy Vehicles
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Power Conversion

Web Portal For CAD Upload. We are currently developing a web portal to enable customers to directly upload all PCA / PCB files to our servers via our website. We have commissioned DRC Systems in Leichhardt to do the development. The are an inner west Sydney based internet services company with extensive experience in web portal design for client data uploads. The facility will allow for CAD data uploads of up to 2GB at speeds permitted via standard ADSL2 connections. We envisage this service to be available by February 2016.

Contact us for further details.

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